Rise & Shine Saturday's

at Lori Scott Yoga Studio
8:30am to 9:30am

A yoga flow for ALL levels and the best way to begin the weekend. Modifications, variations and demonstration will be given as you are guided through a 60-minute practice. Feel the body benefits of movement and the mind benefits from stillness. No flexibility required, just a smile!

$15/pp (feel welcome to pay by cash or Venmo @jonna-dondero)

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Center Your Energy Sundays with Teen Yoga & Strength Building

4-week Teen Yoga/Strengthening Class
*only 10 spots available & space fills fast*

This series of FOUR (4) - 75 minute curated classes will help you hit the RESET button on Sunday evenings before you head back to school on Monday. Don't miss the opportunity to REBOOT & RECHARGE before you head to class!

For More Information & To Register, Contact Me Here

All classes held at Lori Scott Yoga
645 Hancock Street, Wollaston

beePresent - favicon - 2022-02

“My all-time favorite yoga class! Jonna's class embodies what yoga is all about.  She guides each person, whether they are beginner, intermediate or experienced, to make the class their own while still uniting everyone present.  You always leave feeling invigorated, refreshed and with a smile on your face!”

Favorite Yoga Pose: Savasana but favorite flow is Sun Salutation.  I love sun salutation because it allows strength, flexibility and meditation all in one flow. 

Tina P.

beePresent - favicon - 2022-02

“Jonna is a caring, thoughtful, patient instructor who leads each class with careful consideration. Classes are upbeat, fun and playful and students are always encouraged to smile. Jonna challenges us to do our personal best and reminds us to honor our selves where ever we are. Her down to earth vibe and easy-going nature, along with her knowledge and passion for yoga, create a welcoming, nurturing environment suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. After a lengthy hiatus, Jonna’s class was THE class that re-kindled my love affair with yoga and ultimately inspired me to enroll in an RYS 200-hr yoga teacher training. For this, I am forever grateful. XO”

Favorite Yoga Pose: Ooh that’s a tough one. I feel really strong in warrior 1 and triangle. I love a good prasarita and 1/2 moon has been my favorite challenge. I LOVE eagle.

Rhiannon S.

beePresent - favicon - 2022-02

"Having Jonna as my yoga instructor has been necessary in my life.  I am so used to rushing around, living a very fragmented life as a mom, teacher, friend, and relative.  When I do yoga with Jonna she really helps me pay attention to ME, to practice ways that are mindful to my body and my soul and spirit, and to be aware of the things around me that may take me off course.  She is knowledgeable and realistic all while bringing kindness and humor to the way she teaches.  I live for her class, and when I cannot make it, I don't feel whole.  She puts it all back together for me when I am part of any class she teaches and that is her true gift." 

Favorite Yoga Pose: Half pigeon

Laurie G.

beePresent - favicon - 2022-02

"Bee Present with Jonna is a great experience that anyone can love.  It’s fun, cozy, and has a very welcoming environment and community.  Jonna is amazing at what she does, and a lovely person.  She made me love yoga and it brings my energy up and leaves me feeling relaxed.  Can’t wait for the next class."

Favorite Yoga Pose: Child's pose

S.A. - Teen Yoga Series

"Even during the busiest of times, I try to incorporate self-care into my life. All areas (physical, emotional, personal, spiritual, social, etc) are a constant work in progress… and I can say with absolute certainty that attending Jonna’s yoga classes help me gain ground in every single facet. I look forward to class each week: it’s always different and challenging, consistently nourishing to the body and mind, and somehow leaves me feeling both relaxed and invigorated. Whether indoors or outside, Jonna’s classes take place in a beautiful setting with wonderful energy, and her passion for teaching and desire to empower her students is a beacon of inspiration that I carry with me long after Savasana has ended."

Nori P.

"I've been practicing with Jonna for over two years and through this practice I've gained an appreciation for yoga, centering, breath work, self awareness, and peace.  Jonna's vibe is just what I look forward to each week?"

Favorite Yoga Pose: Half pigeon

Nicole H.

For additional information regarding any of the mentioned offerings please feel welcome to contact Jonna Dondero.
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